Monday 24 March 2014

Participating in the Olympic Movement

An interesting opportunity was brought to my attention today at work. With the winter games now done in Sochi, I have used that period of time to reflect upon the Olympics and the true impact it has on the world. Supporting my fellow co-workers from the office, I had the task of responding to many fan enquiries and concerns. It touched my heart to speak to many people in all walks of life, who were behind the Canadian team. What is it about the Olympics that "gets" to people?
It is the simple fact that we all want something to believe in. We want to believe that it could be possible for our fellow canadian athletes to be the best, because if they can, we can. Same goes for all different nations around the world, everyone wants to be inspired, and the closer to home the insperation, the greater the effect. Which brings me to a new-found opportunity to participate in the International Olympic Academy for the main purpose of gaining an even greater in-depth knowledge of the Olympic History and more actively contributing to the Olympic movement. I have joined the Canadian Olympic Committee to not only be a part of such a fabulous, and world-known organization, but mainly to use it as a threshold to make a positive difference in the lives of others to reach their full potential.
Incorporating sport/ fitness to anyone’s life strengthens their passion to succeed and to go one step further in all areas, creating limitless possibilities. The session’s special topic of Olympic Values- Respect for Diversity, is one of my strong personal core values, and I believe I would significantly gain personally, as well as contribute professionally with many new-found understandings and experiences as a result of this opportunity.

Monday 5 August 2013


Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog!

This blog was created to share my experiences in life so far and hope that people everywhere can relate and find some wisdom, healing, and strength in what I post. Like everyone, I have been through many ups and downs in my life from love to heartache, health to sickness, and joy to sorrow.
BUT I have also been through heartache back to love, from sickness back to health, and from sorrow back to JOY! It is called the rollercoaster of life, we're all on the ride....lets have some fun and enjoy the beauty of it all.